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LGP collegeAbout Let’s Get Painting

The goal of Let’s Get Painting is simple, show Creative Painters at all levels how to loosen up, paint better and have fun with watercolor by providing quality easy to follow online learning.  

LetsGetPainting.com  has been my dream for years.
 This is it! 2014 is my year to build out this website for you.

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FREE Learning Videos  Coming Soon Each short Learning Video explains & demonstrates a watercolor tip or technique that has helped my students move forward in watercolor & paint better too.

Monthly Adventures  Coming Mid Year are an inexpensive way to paint along with Janelle, learn techniques and become a better painter.
Each month a new Watercolor Painting Adventure becomes available. From start to finish you will see how I do the painting. Paint along, learn at your own pace – you will begin to paint Braver and Bolder